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At our clinic we are aiming to keep the original dentition, and root canal therapy is a very important element of this intention. For this, no matter how unpleasant experiences you may have connected to the earlier interventions of the kind, we have to handle it as a possible treatment.

Root canal therapy can be applied in several cases: for example in case of a sore (inflamed) tooth for immediate elimination of pain, in case of profound caries in to avoid collateral pulpal inflammation, in case of formerly necrosed teeth (diagnosis of preiapical cyst) to eliminate the focus.

The surgery can be divided into two parts; the first sequence is the cleansing, dilatation and sterilisation of the cavity and pulp canals, many times it includes repetitive medication as well. In the second sequence the root canal is filled and hermetic seal is implemented. For the whole process is performed inside the tooth in a very thigh space that the dentist cannot see with bare eyes, it is essential to know the exact length of the root canal, and its precise expansion (cleaning). Earlier, it was only possible to determine it approximately after several X-ray photographs were made. At our clinic however, besides the digital X-rays we also use only for working length determination a special electronic apex localising and root canal reamer device. This high-tech device determines with 0.1 mm accuracy, and displays on screen the given working length, and with its engine it expands the root canal by checking the rev and the torque. Because of its technology, the root canal filling made in the second phase does not make other interventions more complicated.

This way the tooth can stay at its place supported by its original anchorage or when needed by a root canal post, crown or other restorations, providing eligible function aesthetics for you.

Excision may serve as a complementary treatment, of which you can read here.

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